XO Records’ Black Atlass releases his first project “Pain & Pleasure” through the label



Since XO Records was first established in 2012, their roster has grown tremendously to include a list of incredibly talented artists. Obviously, The Weeknd is at the forefront of the movement but with Nav, 88Glam, and now Black Atlass, the collective has as much potential as any other label at the moment.

Having dropped a few projects in the past, Canadian artist Black Atlass is making his major introduction to a wider audience with his first official XO album, Pain & Pleasure.

The singer gets emotional in spots, reminiscing about positive times in others. A vast range of feelings is felt throughout the tracklist of 8 songs. Earlier this year, we showed you the title track to this album and now that it’s been officially released, you can check out the entirety of what Atlass has been working on. If you’re messing with it, be sure to read our full feature with the artist here.


1. Something Real
2. Fantasy
3. Pain & Pleasure
4. Shadows
5. Kinda Like It
6. Feel
7. If Only They Knew
8. My Life

Black Atlass – Pain & Pleasure

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