This is a tale of multitasking gone terribly wrong.

Emma Pearce (34) and Allan Blake (28) has always grabbed the public’s attention. When they met six years ago, she was working as a parole officer and he was a recent convict.

The two fell in love and supported each other through life’s transitions. He backed her as she transitioned into a career as a model while she encouraged him to get a skin transplant to remove his forehead tattoo. (H.M.P. stands for Her Majesty’s Prison).


The couple married with a child are not far from creating headlines after a sex romp gone wrong.

They were watchingX Factorwhen Blake stepped away during a commercial break. Returning to the room, he hadthatlook in his eyes. Pearce was up for it but didn’t want to miss her show, so they kept the TV on.

When Blake’s head kept getting in the way, Pearce abruptly changed her position, which turned out to be a disastrous move. All of a sudden there was blood everywhere and they weren’t sure what had happened. A call to a non-emergency line prompted them to wrap Blake’s injured pecker and book an appointment with the doctor.

As it turns out, the injury was traumatic but not severe. Blake had ripped the frenulum of his penis (the elastic stretch of skin that connects the foreskin to the head of the penis). It’s an injury that would heal on its own but required the couple to abstain from sex for at least a month while it recovered.

While the couple is doing their best to laugh about the incident now, they do have to be more careful in the future as having a frenulum tear means that the injury is more likely to happen again in the future.

So goodluck to them on not having a frenulum tear in the future.