honest teenager

Very honest teenager finds $135,000 on the ground – and hands it in

A teenager was hailed for his honesty after finding a bag of cash containing $135,000 on the ground and handing it in. José Nuñez Romaniz, 19, immediately contacted an emergency number stuck to a Wells Fargo bank ATM after finding the clear plastic bag stuffed with cash laying next to it in Albuquerque, New Mexico, last Sunday.

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Wells Fargo workers realized a subcontractor who’d meant to fill the machine had accidentally left the money beside it, and it was returned to the bank. And José has now been rewarded for his honesty, after receiving $500 towards his college tuition, a $500 cash reward, and season tickets to go and see the University of New Mexico Lobos play football.

honest teenager

Albuquerque’s Police Department also got in on the act and gave José a tour of their crime lab to thank him for making their lives easier. They have also offered to recruit him as a public safety officer so he has a job to help pay his way through college.

Explaining the reasoning behind his honesty, José told KQRE: ‘In the back of my head, I was just thinking about my parents, especially my mom. What she would do if I came home with the money and what she would do with her chancla (sandal) to hit me.

‘I did the right thing and I know my parents are proud and my family is proud as well.’ Albuquerque Police Department Chief Mike Geier also hailed the teenager for setting such a positive example, saying: ‘What a great opportunity for us to see some good in the community with all the tragedies we see with young people, this really restores our faith in the community as well.’

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