Samsung Phones Now Helps Us Locate Our Lost and Even Disconnected Phones

Samsung Phones are becoming safer online and offline.

Samsung Phones

Samsung Phones are working on creating a common geolocation network using Bluetooth LE.

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With its help, all gadgets released by the company will be combined within an offline search system framework. This way, Samsung devices can keep track of each other.

Samsung phones noted that other users’ Galaxy devices would be able to find even disabled smartphones. The use of technology will be voluntary. If the user turns on the function in his/her device’s settings, the phone can be found both in case of loss and used to find other Galaxy phones. The technology will be used not only to find lost smartphones but also watches or earbuds.

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This technology has previously been criticized for its ability to spy on users. During the coronavirus pandemic outbreak, the developers of the operating systems Android and iOS used a similar connection to track infected people. The smartphones were connected via the Bluetooth protocol.

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