Omarion - Nudes
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Check out Omarion’s new video “Nudes.”Its been a minute since we last heard from Omarion. In fact, the last time the FORMER MMG rapper impacted our site was back in December when he released the song Nudes, and now today hes back with its official video.

Download Omarion Nudes Mp3

The video finds Omarion pulling off the side of the road in his Yellow G Wagon, before receiving some explicit text messages and dozing off to dream about some seductive & pleasurable women by his side. He eventually wakes up and realizes he’s in the middle of traffic still in his car. Depending your boss and job, this could be NSFW with the half naked woman and raunchy behavior, but still dope & sexy nonetheless.

Check it out (below) and let us know what you think.