These two partners in style and craft move into the night as musical lovers, expressing the vibrations of their hearts with this EP.

EP – Late Night Vibrations
Artists – Ycee, Bella Alubo
Record Label – Tinny Entertainment (2018)
Duration – 22 minutes
Bella Alubo is complex in the manner that she has chosen to alter her sound, almost abandoning the bars and wordplay of rap, for the softer, melodic application in singing. Her single ‘Gimme love’ had prepared fans and enthusiasts for what is to come. But at the very least, none expected what is contained here.
She isn’t just a partner on this 6-track EP titled ‘Late Night Vibrations’, she’s an anchor and a muse to balance out Ycee, her more famous labelmate who’s already proven himself as a man with many abilities. In the years that he’s risen to prominence, Ycee has kept the game guessing his next move, initially announcing himself with rap, but scoring his biggest and most impactful records outside the confines of the culture.

“Late Night Vibrations” isn’t a major release, neither does the record label, Tinny Entertainment, pretend to market it as one. (It’s all on Soundcloud for gossakes!) But it sure does reveal to fans that versatility isn’t lacking in the label, and offers everyone with a rare glimpse of Ycee’s other side, which rarely ever does make it to radio.

For Bella, her journey to becoming the singing talent, that she never was prior to getting a label deal, is still on. And while she does admirably on this project, the real test is getting that pop single to officially announce her as a serious contender.

Ycee & Bella – Wetin

Ycee & Bella – Empathy

Ycee & Bella – Tropican Fruit Juice

Ycee & Bella – All Night

Ycee & Bella – Be There

Ycee & Bella – Tonight