Snoop Dogg - Motivation

Snoop Dogg – Motivation , Snoop Dogg continues to keep the new music coming. Just hours after appearing on Bobby V’s new single “Lil Bit,” the Long Beach legend decides to come through and share a new inspirational song of his own called “Motivation,” which arrives in visual form.

Snoop Dogg – Motivation

Snoop Dogg - Motivation

Going in over production from Ben Billions, Uncle Snoop delivers a “motivational’ new record that finds him rapping about getting your mind right, while footage of him working out in the gym plays throughout.Snoop Dogg - Motivation

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The accompanying clip, which is directed by D Baker, also provides a plethora of highlights from various sports, surfacing almost perfectly with the NFL playoffs now upon us. It doesn’t look like it’s an official song as there’s no real verses from Uncle Snoop, but we’re still here for it.

Quotable Lyrics

This is motivation
You gotta get your mind right
‘Cause when you get your mind right
They say the body will follow (mind right)
See, my mind is clear (mind right)
It’s a whole new year! (right)
It’s motivation, baby

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