Lil Yachty - Most Wanted

Music: Lil Yachty – Most Wanted

Lil Yachty – Most Wanted,Lil Yachty is hip-hops Most Wanted, according to his latest release, which drops ahead of his upcoming project Lil Boat 2.

Lil Yachty - Most Wanted

The new track, which is not set to appear on the forthcoming LP, boasts production from Earl the Pearll, while Boat flexes on his haters and announces his return. Hip-hops most wanted, he declares. Im in a Ghost, haunted / Took a break, now Im back, cause thats what they wanted.

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Yachty confirmed that the leaked track would not be on Lil Boat 2. I JUST LEAKED A SONG NOT ON LIL BOAT 2 CUZ I WANTED TO FEEL LIKE I JUST STARTED AGAIN, he said.

Yachty is now set to release Lil Boat 2, the sequel to his 2016 mixtape, on March 9. Plus, he is working with Gucci Mane and Migos on a joint Glacier Boyz project.

Lil Yachty – Most Wanted


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