J.I.D.'s - Pro - Verbs

Music: J.I.D.’s – Pro – Verbs

Download and enjoyJ.I.D.’s – Pro – Verbs

J.I.D.'s - Pro - Verbs

J.I.D.’s – Pro – Verbs

Sometimes, the internet can rally together and make glorious things happen. Thanks to the detective work of some R/hiphopheads users, a previously unreleased J.I.D. mixtape called Para Tu surfaced. To no ones surprise, the tape was dope as hell, and a welcome addition to the young rappers expanding musical canon. After Para Tu has been receiving nothing but praise from his fans, J.I.D. came through for the fans and re-uploaded the project onto his official Soundcloud page. If thats not a real move from one of the games most promising lyricists, I dont know what it.

DownloadJ.I.D.’s – Pro – Verbs

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