Kylie Jenner Quizzed Travis Scott On How Well He Knows Her, Apparently He’s Still Got A Few Things To Learn

It’s rare to get an up-close-and-personal glimpse into the relationship between two of the world’s most famous stars. It’s rarer, still, to get to see exactly how well they know each other. In a new video shared by GQKylie Jenner quizzed Travis Scott with 23 questions about her life, and Scott … well, he did OK.

To be fair, though, “The Kylie Quiz” — 23 questions about everything from Jenner’s makeup routine to her childhood to her pets — was pretty tough at times. Take, for example, the question Jenner opened the video with: “Where do I put my highlighter when I do my makeup?” Come on, that’s hard. Most guys probably don’t even know what highlighter is, much less where it goes on your face, regardless of whether or not your girlfriend happens to be a beauty mogul.

Watch Quizz Video Below:

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