Up until a few hours ago, Mike Dean was still working on the finishing touches to the album, ensuring that the mix was ready for a June 8 release. Artists conventionally make their projects available for streaming at midnight but Kanye is no traditional artist. Live-streaming the listening party through the same means as last week’s album, eager fans got their first taste at what a Cudi & Ye album would sound like. With the CDQ now available, we no longer need to settle for low-quality rips from last night’s event.Sounding considerably more polished than last week’s ye, it appears as though Kanye and Cudi spent a lot of time making sure they were both satisfied with the finished product. It is likely that no tracks were left to the last minute, like 070 Shake revealed was the case with ye‘s emotional climax, “Ghost Town.” Now that you’ve heard both Yeezy’s solo album and his collaboration with Kid Cudi, which do you prefer and where does Kids See Ghosts rank in his discography from your first impression.

Kanye West & Kid Cudei – Kids See Ghosts