Jason Derulo Destroys His Teeth For TikTok Challenge

Jason Derulo Destroys His Teeth For TikTok Challenge

Jason Derulo tried to eat corn on the cob off of a drill and he seemingly chipped his front teeth.

Jason Derulo has been active on social media during the quarantine, entertaining his fans by starting and entering some of TikTok’s wildest challenges. As you likely know, the social media platform has birthed some of the most outrageous trends of the last year, also playing several songs in contention on the Billboard Hot 100.Jason Derulo Destroys His Teeth For TikTok Challenge

Actor/singer Jason Derulo decided to show off a new “life hack” that he had been dying to try out for weeks, placing corn on the cob on a drill and attempting to eat it as it spun round and round. The end result is enough proof to us all that we will never need to try this for ourselves.

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As he gets a few pieces of sweet corn in his mouth, something appears to go terribly wrong, leaving Derulo with a problem for his dentist.

Jason Derulo Destroys His Teeth For TikTok Challenge

“Don’t try this,” he wrote on TikTok, showing off his freshly-chipped front teeth.

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This is just the most recent prank that Jason Derulo has pulled on his fans, shaving off his eyebrow several weeks ago. It’s unclear if the star actually damaged his chompers and people are torn on whether or not this is real. The last time this happened, Derulo blamed it on CGI.

Do you think he’ll be taking a trip to the dentist?


Don’t try this 😭😭😭

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