Kevin's Heart Video
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Follow Kevin Hart through a day after a scandal.J. Cole is refusing to take things slow lately, dropping his latest album, KOD only a few days after its announcement, releasing the excellent video for “ATM,” and now releasing yet another video from the album, this time for “Kevin’s Heart.”

The song’s title is an obvious play on Kevin Hart, the popular actor and stand-up comedian, who has graciously decided to star in the music video. Cole opts to take on the director’s chair for this video, co-directing the video with Scott Lazer, and appearing only in a brief cameo of Cole and Hart stroller shopping.

J.Cole – “K.O.D” Album

The video takes place in Hollywood, and starts with Kevin going to the grocery store. Nasty looks seem to follow him everywhere he goes, and it’s only after he leaves the store is it revealed that the video takes place immediately after Kevin’s sex scandal from last year, when he admitted to cheating on his wife after he was extorted over the release of a sex tape.

What follows is a fictionalized account of what happens as a celebrity after the whole world find out you’re a cheater, and it primarily involves women trying blatantly to get closer to him, or dudes standing too close to him in the bathroom.

Check out J. Cole’s new video for “Kevin’s Heart,” below.