If You’re Feeling Down, These Pics Of Giant Alaskan Malamutes Are Here To Brighten Your Day

Tons of pictures of funny and adorable Alaskan Malamutes to charge you up with enough positive energy for the entire week!. There’s nothing like a big floof to improve our moods. Well, we’ve got something even better.  Scroll down for your dose of Vitamin Malamute and upvote your fave pics. If you have one of these doggos at home, post a photo of them in the comments below, dear Pandas!

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Alaskan Malamutes are friendly and energetic, big-eaters, and even bigger fur factories. However, be sure to keep a leash on your doggo because they’re hunters at heart and might go after wildlife if left to roam freely in the vast outdoors. They’re also great climbers and amazing diggers, so keeping them behind a fence is a real challenge.

1.  Meet Luca, The Alaskan Malamute That Loves To Destroy Her Toys, Except This OneAlaskan Malamutes

2. My Girlfriend’s Brother Got A New Dog

3. Couple Derps

Alaskan Malamutes

4. Doggo Growing Up

Alaskan Malamutes

5. My Malamute Just Turned 1, So We Celebrated With Balloons, Hats, And Carrot Cupcakes

6. My Mini-Malamute

Alaskan Malamutes

7. My Big Dude Just Turned One And Is Massive!

Alaskan Malamutes

8. She Still Calls Him Her Puppy

9. Tonka The Alaskan Malamute Dressed For Halloween As A Siberian Husky

10. That Has Been His Chair Since He Was A Puppy

11. I Know You Guys Want To Hug Me Like This. Am I Right?

12. Buddy, Are You A Malamute Or A Teddy Bear?

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