Tinder is overall a wild experience, considering many conversations often go south (pun intended) real quick. Navigating through weird matches is not an easy task, but every once in a while it is possible to find people who stand out from the crowd. A guy named Drew came to the playground prepared, employing his unique writing skills to get a girl’s number, and perhaps even more. “I thrive on genuinely investing that effort to make the other party unexpectedly impressed. I always loved writing poetry and it has turned out a great way to break the ice” Drew says

The guy carefully crafted a genius puzzle into the sonnet that a girl he matched with, Emilia, requested and it was surely an interesting read. He said that it usually takes him around 45 minutes to write a single Tinder poem, but people’s reactions are worth the effort. “To be honest I find I have about just as much success with normal messaging than I do with the poems. They’re not magically boosting my chances but they do well as a memorable ice-breaker” Drew confessed. So scroll down below to see what this modern Shakespeare wrote!

Yesterday, a guy named Drew shared his Tinder chat, proud of the genius sonnet he wrote for a girl he matched with

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