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Frustrated Married Couples Who Just Want To Spend Some Time Apart But Can’t

The coronavirus quarantine is a challenge for Married Couples and people are already saying how it will either bring them closer together or pull them apart. People obviously love their spouses but imagine having to spend every single moment of your time with them (there is no escape!).

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Let’s see if you can relate to these married couples who were doing so much better before the Covid-19 lockdown. Acemaax has collected some of the most hilarious tweets that show what married life is like now, so scroll down and upvote your faves. Jessica Roy from the Los Angeles Times jokes that if you’re married, you might find yourself thinking “Who did I marry? And do I really have to live with this person forever?” during the quarantine.

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Acemaax reached out to relationship expert Dan Bacon, founder of The Modern Man website, and spoke with him about how important it is that married couples have alone time and whether or not there is likely to be a “divorce boom” after the pandemic ends. Read on for the in-depth interview.


Married Couples


Married Couples


Married Couples

“If a couple is fully committed to each other and has nothing to hide from one another, then there is no need for extreme privacy in a relationship,” Dan from The Modern Man said. “However, having some alone time in a relationship is something that both people should be okay with.”

Dan gave 4 reasons for this. First of all, it gives the couple time to miss each other. “Without that, you can end up taking the other person’s presence for granted. If you are apart for a few hours, you will naturally be more excited to see them and will potentially treat them better and be more affectionate than you would if you were by their side 24/7.”


Married Couples


Married Couples


Married Couples

Secondly, alone time helps people focus on other things and activities that don’t involve their spouses. Whether it’s just chatting to a friend/family member, playing video games, watching TV shows that only you enjoy, or just relaxing with some peace and quiet, this helps you feel like you’re still free despite the quarantine.

“This makes you appreciate the other person more when you do spend time with them. Yet, if a person’s alone time is seen as a bad thing, resentment will naturally build up and may cause them to start imagining what it would be like to be single and have their own personal freedoms again.”


Married Couples

#8Married Couples


Married Couples

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