Fetty Wap’s been going hard this year. At the top of 2018, he closed out his notable mixtape series with For My Fans: The Final Chapter. Since then, he’s dropped off several new singles and remixes. Yesterday, he revealed the tracklist of what is his second project within the past few months.

Fetty Wap - Rockstar

While his new mixtape, Bruce Wayne was expected to drop tomorrow night, he’s now shared the project a day before its release date.

Fetty Wap - Air It Out

Fetty Wap is back with his latest project, Bruce Wayne. Fetty Wap flexes his strengths throughout the whole projects as there’s no features on the 11 track project. The cover art of the mixtape features the graves of both of his grandparents.

Fetty Wap - For My Fans II (Mixtape)


He explained that the cover and the album itself was a dedication to his grandparents.

Fetty Wap - Rover Remix

“My grandparents mean the world to me. I know they aren’t here, but I know they would be really proud of the man that I’ve became and my music. I’ve put out so much music in this past year, so I wanted to make sure to dedicate this record to them,” He told Complex. “It’s 679 all the way. That’s my birthday 6/7/90, so dropping it on my birthday on makes sense. I am Bruce Wayne, I’ve done a lot for people. It’s not about bragging, but inspiring people to always give back. Squuuaaa!”

Peep the project and let us know what you think about his latest effort.

Fetty Wap – Bruce Wayne Ep