Dutch Artist Turning People’s Pets Into Bespoke Disney Characters

A Dutch artist is performing a vital service for Disney fans around the world by turning their beloved pets into characters in the iconic style of the House of Mouse.

Isa Bredt is the illustrator behind Pet Disneyfication (@pet_disneyfication) and she specialises in turning everyone’s ordinary pets into technicolor Disney-style companions.

They are not only ridiculously cute, but also ridiculously accurate. The only thing you’d need after this is to create a heartwarming tale for them to slot straight into.

Oh, and if you also want to play your own role in that fantasy, she can turn you into your own Disney character as well, provided you’re in the photo with your familiar.


Credit: Isa Bredt/Pet Disneyfication

First up, she examines the features of the pets carefully, then accentuates them and faithfully recreating them – in Disney fashion – using Photoshop.

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In an interview with Tyla, she explained: “I look at a pictures [of the pet] first, to see how the body, tail, face, and markings look, so I have an idea what an animal looks like from most angles.

“I try to find things that make a pet special, like a certain expression or pose, or if they’ve got really big eyes or a small nose. That sort of thing. I draw in Photoshop on a Wacom 22hd [tablet].”

She started her project on Reddit when she was just 16-years-old, when she’d juggle her love of creating ‘free drawings of people’s pets for fun’ with her schoolwork.

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She continued: “I did this a few times a year, and started getting a bit better over time – the first attempts were… not great!”

Credit: Isa Bredt/Pet Disneyfication

Eventually, people started to offer to pay for her services, and it quickly moved from a hobby to a summer job, and then finally into a full career.

She added: “It grew pretty quickly and now it’s actually my full-time job!”

As for her own personal favourite Disney movies, Isa reckons that The Lion KingThe Aristocats, and Lady and the Tramp are the ones she returns to the most.

It’s no surprise at all that those movies are all focused on animal characters. Helpful, if you’re planning to make a career turning people’s pets into Disney creatures.

Credit: Isa Bredt/Pet Disneyfication

She said: “I watched those movies so many times when I was younger, and I still watch and love them.”

Well, if you want to get your own Disney pet portrait made up, head on over to her Instagram page.

Featured Image Credit: Isa Bredt/Pet Disneyfication

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