Cristiam Ramos, Amazing Artiste Creates Portraits Of World Cup Players Using Only Toothpaste

The World Cup is an event that unites everyone and for a moment people forget their problems and only agree to enjoy the moment, have fun and be happy. joy and smiles are what characterizes these events for that reason I made this collection since the toothpaste is also related to the smile and that’s what I want to convey with my art. I wish that people are happy and that they enjoy art. I also want all people, especially children, to realize that art is free no matter what material you use, the most important thing is what you want to convey with that.

Each portrait takes me about a week and the whole collection took me 2 months. I use in each piece around 30 toothpaste tubes and the whole collection has more than 200 tubes the process of each piece is very slow because I have to put several layers of toothpaste and let dry and then put the next layer to get the color I want, I also have to make mix between the different colors of toothpaste that exist as red, blue, white, orange and green, it is important to mention that I do not add paint to toothpaste, I also use brushes for small details.

See More Of Cristiam’s Art:

Toothpaste Art

Toothpaste Art

Lionel Messi

Toothpaste Art

David Beckham.

Toothpaste Art


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