Brymo - Oso (The Wizard) Album

Brymo – Oso (The Wizard) Album, Nigerian singer, Brymo has unveiled the tracklist for his forthcoming album

Brymo - Oso (The Wizard) Album

The singer has been teasing fans about his forthcoming music project by revealing its details one after the other. He had earlier announced the album title then the cover art and release date which is 27th of March, 2018.

Meanwhile, it can be deduced that, Brymos forthcoming OSO album has 11 tracks with no guest artiste.

Brymo – Oso (The Wizard) Album Tracklist Below:

1. Brymo No Be Me

2. Brymo Mama

3. Brymo Heya!

4. Brymo Patience and Goodluck

5. Brymo God Is in Your Mind

6. Brymo Time Is so Kind

7. Brymo Entropy

8. Brymo Money Launderers and Heart Breakers

9. Brymo ?lnrewj

10. Brymo Olm?

11. Brymo Bns?