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B.o.B.’s coming for that booty.B.o.B has made so much noise over his flat-earth beliefs that many have forgotten he’s actually a capable and accomplished emcee. While his reputation has been somewhat tarnished by the controversial viewpoint, his fan-base remain steadfast in their loyalty. And while B.o.B may ascribe to the flat-Earth theory, that doesn’t mean he’s incapable finding enjoyment in the roundest of shapes.

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Luckily for theEtherrapper, the asses are bountiful, as thong clad ladies surround B.o.B at all times.

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Vibe-wise, the Tiff directed video features an array of pastel colors, which simulate that of a day at a beach. The rapper seems to have no qualms with his company, who seem to lick any-and-every surface available. It’s certainly a playful clip, made all the more suggestive by sampling Future’s falsetto “Slob on mi knob.” At any rate, Bobby Ray knows how to have a good time.