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At Acemaax.com, we pride ourselves in delivering hot and new content daily.

Acemaax.com is changing the world, one positive thought at a time.  Through an amazing journey thus far, we’ve come to realize that by changing the most minute, measurable human action (thought), we can create an immense and immeasurable impact in the world through that thought.

Not only are we becoming the premium destination for utmost Entertainment in Music, promotional powerhouse for established artists and rising stars And Funny Stories around the internet, Our members also enjoy the latest and hottest music singles, mixtapes, videos and amazing stories.

Acemaax.com is a B2B business offering a wide range of products and services to the global music, film and video industries. Our coverage includes a variety of topics to help you live your best life, every day.  You’ll see everything from thought-provoking editorial to resources, tips to add positivity into your personal and professional life, special guests and even culinary coverage (to feed more than just your mind).

In addition, we serve music labels, music publishers and management companies looking to celebrate their Official chart-toppers through our Official Top No1 1 Award programme.

Curious to find out who just dropped a new single,ep or album? Itching to know who is leading the Christmas Number 1 race before your mates?

We offer a 100% exclusive and authoritative first glimpse of all that, and much, much more.

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