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20 Times People Uncovered Such Fake Instagrammers, It’s Borderline Ridiculous

Fake Instagrammers becoming the new norm and its Ridiculous.

“All that is gold does not glitter,”—J.R.R.Tolkien wrote in The Lord of the Rings. The opposite is also true: not everything that shines is gold. And it’s something that we should keep in mind in our modern world which is dominated by the internet and social media.

Snapchat Announced Snap Minis Along With Other New Features at a Virtual Summit

We’re constantly bombarded by seemingly ‘perfect’ photos of people on Instagram but a lot of the images are heavily photoshopped. The Instagram Reality subreddit is dedicated to collecting the most retouched IG photos and we’ve collected some of the freshest examples of what not to do to your pics. Scroll down, see some Fake Instagrammers and upvote your faves, and read on for our earlier in-depth interviews with the subreddit’s moderators.

Turns Out Those Organs Did Exist After All

Such A Pretty Sunset 🙂

I Posted The Left One Yesterday And People Were Not Believing That The Hair Don’t Belongs To Her

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She Could’ve Just Said The Truth..

Well That’s Something New

I’m So Glad This Greek TV Host Has Her Own Personal Cloud That Follows Her Everywhere She Goes

Damn He’s Ripped

Why Do Women Want To Look Like This??

Fake Instagrammers

Found One In The Wild. I Bet She’s Never Late With Those Legs

Fake Instagrammers

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Where’s The Nose?

Fake Instagrammers

Armpit? I Don’t Know Her

Fake Instagrammers

That Caption Though …

Fake Instagrammers

This “Makeup Artist” Advertising Her Work…

Fake Instagrammers

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Such A Beautiful Home

Fake Instagrammers

She Looks Better Without It Though….

Fake Instagrammers

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