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20 Incredible Old Technologies From That Just Look Odd Today

Old Technologies Are The Foundatin To What We See Today, and we are glad they occured, if not, we might not have hat we have today.

Nasa Curiosity Mars Rover Took a Selfie on the Red Planet

Twenty years ago, you would have been the coolest kid on the block for carrying a Nokia 3310. But time flies and technological innovation accelerates along with it. Today, we live in a world ruled by touch screens, face recognition, and machine learning, so imagine what the technology was like a century ago, or two.

Samsung Phones Now Helps Us Locate Our Lost and Even Disconnected Phones

In order to find out, we’re taking you on a historical roller coaster to see what ancient technologies defined the future a hundred years ago. From motorized roller-skate salesmen in 1961, aka the proud ancestors of today’s hoverboards, to giant mechanical tricycles from 1896 and orgone accumulators of the ’50s, these are some of the most interesting retro-historical devices.

LG Announced the Launch of the World’s First Rollable TV

Some were truly incredible, others look kinda cool, and the rest… make you think “what on earth were they thinking?” We picked 20 Old Technologies o show you, see them below:

1. 300 Year Old Library Tool That Enabled A Researcher To Have Seven Books Open At Once, Yet Conveniently Nearby (Palafoxiana Library, Puebla)

Old Technologies

2. In 1955, This Tiny Electric Narrow Gauge Train Was Installed In New York’s Holland Tunnel To Monitor Traffic Speed

Old Technologies

3. The World’s Oldest Surviving Diving Suit: The Old Gentleman, From 1860

Old Technologies

#4. 350 Year Old Pocket Watch Carved From A Single Colombian Emerald

Old Technologies

5. A British Couple Sleeps Inside A “Morrison Shelter” Used As Protection From Collapsing Homes During The WWII ‘Blitz’ Bombing Raids… March 1941

Old Technologies

6. Philco Predicta Television From The Late 1950s

7. Motorized Roller-Skate Salesman In California, 1961

8. Kodak K-24 Camera, Used For Aerial Photography During Ww2 By The Americans

9. A Rail Zeppelin And A Steam Train Near The Railway Platform. Berlin, Germany, 1931

10. One-Wheel Motorcycle, Germany, 1925

11. A Thin TV Screen (Only 4 Inches Thick) With An Automatic Timing Device To Record TV Programs For Later Viewing Is The Wave Of The Future As Shown At The Home Furnishings Market In Chicago, Illinois, On June 21, 1961

12. The Old “Telefontornet” Telephone Tower In Stockholm, Sweden, With Approximately 5,500 Telephone Lines C. 1890

13. TV Glasses Decades Before Google Glass, 1960s

14. FBI’s Fingerprint Files, 1944.

15. Bikes For Your Feet

16. A Man With A Punt Gun, A Type Of Large Shotgun Used For Duck Hunting. It Could Kill Over 50 Birds At Once And Was Banned In The Late 1860s

17. The First Public Demonstration Of A Computer Mouse, Graphical User Interface, Windowed Computing, Hypertext And Word Processing, 1968

18. Jay Ohrberg’s ‘Double Wide’ Limousine. Built By The Man Who Also Created The ‘American Dream’ Superlimo

Old Technologies

19. Using A Two-Horn Listening Device At Bolling Field In Washington, D.c., In 1921 Before The Invention Of Radar, To Listen For Distant Aircraft

Old Technologies

20. A 5mb Hard Disk Drive Being Loaded Onto A Plane, In 1956


Old Technologies

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